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Maggiewantsmagictechnique, 26

My husband has no idea how to please a woman. I need someone to get me off, not slop around down there with no results! Who better than another woman?

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Kishakillinit, 29

My wife's job is nuts and she's just giving me zero time. I need to get laid, not be ignored! Anything from a quickie or two to a whole affair, just chat me!

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Addsomespice_66, 27

The sex has been so vanilla lately, and i need something a little more adventurous! If you're looking for someone open to trying different things, even a bit out there, message me!

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If you've ever tried to pick up another woman, you know that is can get awkward or downright embarrassing if she's straight, or if she's taken and not interested in straying or sharing. It only gets more complicated when you add cheating into the mix: what if she or one of her friends knows who you are? What if she would tell on you? If you're not out, guessing wrong can cost you not just your marriage, but your identity, too. But if you're considering an affair, there must be something missing in your sex life, and you deserve to have that spark and chemistry. That's why makes it easy for you to find another woman to have that steamy, sensual affair with. Just head to the section for you, and all the women there will definitely be looking for another woman to have an affair with. And they know the value of being discreet. Some are even married themselves, or single women who want to date married women, and they understand how important it is to stay safe. There's no way to guess wrong here when everyone wants the same thing you do! These beautiful women are waiting for someone like you to connect with, and all you have to do to get started is to sign up for an account at

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I was so nervous about starting an affair, especially with another woman. I really tried to find the best place to help and went to borrowedspouces because it's supposed to be the one of the best free dating sites for married women. That description certainly seems correct now that i've tried it! I've found beautiful women here who get me so excited and i'm finally getting the sex i need.

- Kariskisses_12

I started wondering if i was actually into women... but i only started wondering after i got married. I had no idea what to do. A few anxious google searches took me to borrowedspouces. I wasn't sure about cheating, but i was sure i needed to see if i really did love women. It turns out i do, so much, especially the ones on this site!

- Makesmewonder23

My husband's away so much and it's such a drag. I'm glad he's successful, but that doesn't get me taken care of while he's away! Borrowedspouces does though. I'm taken care of all over the place here! I started cheating with men first but i found that women were so much better, so beautiful and they know just what to do to me!

- Playtimefortina

I love showing married women what they're missing, especially if they hadn't been with another woman before. Borrowedspouces lets me find gorgeous girls and chat with married women and get them really horny, and when we meet up they want me so much. It feels amazing and it's such a thrill. I've never found a site that made it this easy and fun.

- Willgetyouwet_86,

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I need someone young, fresh, hot! I want to be free, woman or man, it doesn't matter. I'm excited to try it with a woman -- if i'm cheating why not go full hog?

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I'm super playful and my wife just does not appreciate what a fun time we can have. Come on, let's have a good time together, lots of laughs and even more sex.

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I know i'm awesome but it's like she just has no sex drive anymore. Let me use my skills! I'll be down there for hours if you want just pleasing you all night.