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Nomorwaitinneil, 26

I'm not sitting around waiting for my guy to get me what i want anymore. I need action, sweet and fierce, and i need it now. Message me for a sure thing!

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Amar_n_52, 30

Your guy won't ever get jealous, because he won't even know about me. I'm all about helping each other feel good and relaxing, and i'll keep it all totally quiet.

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Wantmyteddybear_2, 25

Looking for a nice big bear to have fun with while the wife's away. I'm really generous in bed and can't wait to feel another man again after so long...

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Having an affair is already complicated, but trying to have a gay affair can sometimes feel so fraught that you're not sure you can even do it. For gay men married to women, it can be risky to try to find another man without anyone knowing, and for gay men married to men, the pool of gay guys in your area can seem too small to be able to risk it. But you deserve fun and excitement, to be turned on by your partner and to have a good time. is here to make things simpler and safer while keeping all the thrills and adventure of conducting an affair. The exciting gay affair you want is right at your fingertips as soon as you log on: just head to the right section for you and you can start narrowing down your results to the gay guys in your area who are explicitly interested in having affairs. Everyone on here is discreet and understands how vital it is to make sure only the right people know, whether it's about your affair or even your sexuality. When you're looking at cheating, is the safe and fun solution that puts the affair you want within reach. You can start having the passionate affair of your dreams when you sign up today!

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I really wanted to get together with a married guy, especially any gay men married to women, ‘cause the sex is so intense. It's not something guys really advertise in person though, so i tried online at borrowedspouces. I can head straight for the married guys i want, and i'm having amazing nights with the hottest guys i've ever seen!

- Young_n_restless_51

My wife is a great woman, i'm just not attracted to her, or any women really. I didn't want to upset her if she caught me cheating, but i still have needs, so i went to borrowedspouces. I've been finding sweet, affectionate, gorgeous guys here who give me what i actually need and want, and no one else has to know.

- Keepyouclose14

The rush of cheating with someone really gets me off, but i don't want any gay men married to women. They don't know what they really want. I use borrowedspouces because it lets me easily find married gay guys who aren't with a woman, or even gold stay guys. The site understands i'm picky and there's nothing wrong with that.

- Borrowthehusband105

I know there's a lot of gay and bi guys out there who got married to women. I'm one of them. I do like my wife but sometimes i just miss sex with guys! That's when i head to borrowedspouces. Usually i look for married bi guys because they're willing to try a lot of stuff, and the site makes cheating quick and simple.

- Marriedbi4marriedguys

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The number one concern of most unfaithful spouses and those who date them is worrying about being found out. That's why the mobile app from is so great for conducting gay affairs. Not only can you use all the site's comprehensive and secure features to find and flirt with hot guys, but you don't have to do it from a computer where you may be found out. You can look like you're just using your phone or messing with an app on your mobile device when you're actually setting up a hot affair hookup. Going mobile can even add excitement as you send steamy messages right out in public with no one the wiser. We understand that such risks can be part of the fun, and for many the risks can add extra spice to the thrill of the affair, but almost no one actually wants to get caught. The need for secrecy is absolutely key when it comes to gay affairs, especially for gay men married to women who may not even be out: there's double the need to keep it quiet. But out or not, gay men everywhere understand the important of keeping it discreet. That's why they turn to, the top affair site out there. Sign up and download the app: it's that easy to start a steamy gay affair.

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Trying to get gay dates can be hard enough and turn into a bunch of guesswork as you try to figure out whether the guy you're interested in is straight, whether he's into you, whether he's available. But trying to get dates for gay affairs can be even worse, especially if you're not out. There's so much risk to guessing wrong, and so much potential for embarrassment if you're turned down by a straight guy or if people are surprised that you're interested in men, let alone behind your spouse's back! Combining cheating with the complications of gay dating can turn into a huge headache that just sucks all of the excitement out of trying to have an affair. That's not at all what you're looking for! takes all the guesswork away so that you can conduct your gay affair without the worry: on this section of our site, all the guys want other men, and all of them are here to have affairs. There's no way to miss, and no need to guess. All you have to do is pick out the guy who really turn you on and message them to start the affair you've been waiting for. There's no easier way to find other unfaithful spouses or unmarried men interested in affairs, so sign up to skip the guesswork!

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I'm a willing, obedient sub and my husband just does not give me the discipline i want. I need a strong dom who'll really scratch that edge and send me floating.

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Big caring bear looking for a pretty younger twink to wrap up and look after for a night or two. I miss being able to take care of someone, so message me!

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I've never gone on a cheating site before, but i hope i can find someone for a longer-term affair, not just a couple of nights. I promise i can keep it fun!