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Allbusiness_nopleasure, 39

By the time i get home from work my husband's just passed out, no time for me at all. I've got needs too, buddy! If you're up for frequent meetups, message me here!

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Share_the_wealth_26, 26

I want an older guy who'll really wine and dine me! I'm frisky and feisty and will definitely make it worth your while after you take me out somewhere nice!

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Showmethering, 25

Keep your ring on, i love it. That's just the start, and we can be as naughty as you like. Chat me to see if you've got what it takes to get me.

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My girl just was not the same woman i proposed to. It's like she just turned off all the charm and stopped caring once she had me. I still have a lot to give the hot ladies out there, so i went to borrowedspouces to find ladies interested in cheating. Wasn't disappointed! Lots of beautiful girls here who give back as good as they get!

- Givinback2u_65

I wanted to find older married women to please. They can get really crazy, all pent up from their husbands who aren't getting them off. I didn't want to get slapped for guessing wrong about a woman so i went to borrowedspouces. I can search just for ones who are married and older here, not to mention hot. It's absolutely what i was looking for.

- Loveyouoldernwiser

I've got way too much to offer to keep it all to just one woman, but there's no way i'm spending money to find girls. I needed a free cheating site where the girls were actually worth looking at. Borrowedspouces really delivered. The women on here are so hot, and i've been having the most amazing hookups in my spare time.

- Thisbodyonyourbodytonite

This actually started with a bet about nailing a milf, but i couldn't leave borrowedspouces when there were so many other women here just dying for a younger guy who can actually keep up with them and stay up all night. I'm totally into this now, and the unfaithful married women i'm finding here are the best time i've ever had.

- Betyouwantthis_78

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I want an older married guy to order me around so i can misbehave and get punished for being a bad, bad girl. You better not make it boring for me!

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If your wife isn't pleasing you, why not see what a real woman can do? My husband's always out of town and i don't want to get rusty over here!

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I'm starting to think my husband's gay, but where does that leave me! Hopefully with a guy who'll appreciate what i can do and what i want! Is that guy gonna be you?