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Awomanstouch198, 27

My husband can't know how much i want to sleep with other women, or how much i've done it before. I may be married to a man but i know how to please a woman!

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Hotngentle4u, 28

I want to make you feel loved again. Affairs don't have to be just sex. I can take you somewhere nice but private for dinner and hold you as much as you need.

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Sandrastrikinsparks, 37

I want to have the kind of sex my husband just doesn't deliver. Let's just have fun! I don't mind if you're married too, just as long we have that sexual spark!

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You deserve to have fun, exciting nights, but finding someone who really lights you up can be hard, especially when you're looking at cheating. Aside from worrying over what might get back to your partner or what might come back at you from your fling's spouse, there's also the issue of trying to find someone worth the risk in the first place. Looking online is a smart choice for conducting affairs, but as online dating gets more popular you start to run into a lot of the same issues online as you would in bars and clubs. That's why is the intelligent solution to your dilemma. We boast a huge member base, with thousands of members and hundreds of local results, so you have plenty of hot, exciting people to choose from. And that's what you need and deserve: someone who really turns you on. Our browsing and filtering features let you narrow down your results based on what you find attractive and what you're looking for, whether it's a married woman, a single guy, or anyone else wanting to join you in some hot affair action. The fun and excitement you deserve are at your fingertips when you use, but the only way you'll be able to access our amazing collection of stunning and discreet members is by joining!

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I was so nervous about cheating on my husband... he just wasn't making me happy but i wasn't sure what i could do without getting caught. Borrowedspouces not only helped me stay discreet, but helped me find so many men who satisfied me and made me feel gorgeous and wanted. It's been amazing, and i feel completely safe on this site!

- Janejustwantslove

I've always wanted to date a married man, but it's not like i could walk up to guys with wedding rings hoping they'd turn out to be unfaithful spouses, you know? Borrowedspouces is where i can find those desperately hot married guy who want to have affairs. They always want things a bit spicy and that's exactly how i want it too.

- Candycoating_62

I married for security, but that's not exactly a huge turn-on. I wanted to find guys who actually turned me on, especially other married ones who are sure to keep it quiet. I looked for a dating website for cheating spouses and borrowedspouces seemed like the best one. I can't say that was wrong! They guys here are hot and really know how to get me going!

- Lightmyfire_55

I knew i wanted to date outside my marriage, but i had no clue how to go about it. There aren't exactly manuals out there for cheating without people finding out and getting hurt. But it turned out i didn't need a manual, just a really good site. Borrowedspouces helped me find drop dead gorgeous women easily and in total secret!

- Kevingotitcovered

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Having an affair can be undeniably exciting, and the risk can even be part of the fun and thrill. But there are certain types of excitement you're probably not looking for, like the fallout from having anything get back to anyone's spouses and actually getting caught. Even if you go to bars or clubs you and the people you know don't normally go to, there's always the chance that someone you wouldn't want knowing will be there. What you need is a top dating website for cheating spouses that keeps everything secure and discreet without taking away from the excitement and thrill. That's what delivers: your profile is secure, you can set your contacting preferences to make sure your spouse doesn't see anything from us, and our members and culture are discreet but fun so you can have a good time without having to worry. We'll keep your secret safe so you can browse, message, flirt, and meet for the exciting encounters you want. Everyone on here is looking for the same thing and you'll find yourself amongst other unfaithful spouses or singles wanting affairs, so you don't have to worry about our members, either. When you sign up for, you can just focus on getting what you need as you look for the one who really gets you hot.

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When you're looking for an affair, sometimes it can feel like it's all about location, location, location. You need to go to the rights bars or clubs to make sure you're not running into anyone who knows you, but still finding the sort of people that you'd want to have sex with. After all, if just anyone would do, you wouldn't be looking at an affair. Or maybe you travel and think you'd be able to minimize the risk by straying while out of town, but when you're in unfamiliar territory, how do you know where to go to find someone? Even online, on general dating sites you run the risk of someone discovering your profile who shouldn't. is a dating website for cheating spouses specifically designed to let you have affairs discreetly. You can look for fun, sexy members right in your area and be sure in the knowledge that they'll keep your mutual secret. Or, you can look anywhere else to find affairs no matter where you'll be going, and head on your out-of-town trip knowing that you'll have as many nights of passion lined up ahead of you as you could want. Married women and men looking for affairs, or the unmarried hotties who want to sleep with them, know that is the right place to go!

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My wife doesn't know i'm into guys, but i'm looking for an experienced guy who wants an eager student. I'll do whatever you want as long as keep it all a secret.

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My husband's always passed out like a log when i get home. I want to feel alive and please someone too! Can you get me hot? I'm a sure thing if you can!

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If you're looking for milf, you've come to the right profile. I know how to really please a guy, and i want to use my skills, not let them waste away!

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